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The Temple of Jupiter Anxur or Sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo, inspired by the great Hellenistic architecture, belongs to the series of ancient Lazio sanctuaries restructured in the late Republic of Ancient Rome, between the end of the second century. B.C. and the beginning of the first century B.C. The unmissable view that can be appreciated from the Temple dominates the city of Terracina, the Pontine land, the Circeo, the sea with the Pontine islands and Ischia.

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All the archipelago, and in particular the island of Ponza, represents a spectacular natural park where we find many species of Mediterranean flora and fauna. On the whole island there is a magical atmosphere, from the caves to the botanical gardens, to the underground labyrinth of tunnels built by the Romans. A truly spectacular experience.

Piccolo Hotel Terracina_Sabaudia


Sabaudia was founded on August 5, 1933 as part of the extensive land reclamation operation of the Pontine swamp, which saw the birth of four other cities: Littoria (now Latina) the capital city, Aprilia, Pomezia, and Pontinia. Sabaudia obtains the Blue Flag in 2017, the international recognition for the certification of the environmental quality of the coastal resorts, for the fourteenth consecutive time from 2003 to today.

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The abbey raises in a small and characteristic medieval village between Priverno and Terracina with an adjoining convent of monks. Built in the Cistercian Gothic style, its construction dates back to around 1100. Internally, the abbey is almost entirely free of frescoes, there are just a couple partially visible near the main altar according to the use of time. St. Thomas D’Aquino spent here the last days of his life.

Piccolo Hotel Terracina_Piana delle Orme


It is a theme park built within the homonymous agritouristic company to host one of the largest collections dedicated to the twentieth century, the museum represents a journey through 50 years of Italian history. Over 30 thousand square meters of exhibition to tell traditions and culture of the peasant civilization, the great reclamation works of the Pontine swamps, the Second World War, but also to show vehicles and machines at the beinning of the great industrialization.

Piccolo Hotel Terracina_Parco Nazionale Circeo


it is one of the oldest protected natural areas in Italy. Located along the Tyrrhenian coast of Lazio, it extends along the coastline between Anzio and Terracina, covering an area of 5,616 ha. It is the only Italian and European national park that extends completely in a flat land and in a marine environment. The Circeo National Park is also a UNESCO "biosphere reserve" since 1997, and was nominated for the title of "World Heritage".

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The town of Sperlonga is a small town in the lower Lazio region located in the province of Latina. Besides offering some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, Sperlonga is also one of the most beautiful villages of the Belpaese. Among its beaches the Canzatora is a fine sandy beach generally attended by families with children. It is not very large, so it is not recommended for lovers of tranquility.

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Its foundation dates back to 529 and its founder was St. Benedict of Norcia who erected Cassino on the ruins of a Roman temple dedicated to Apollo. The monastery raises from the highest point of the mountain and is the most important in Europe. Cassino and its Abbey are famous because during the Second World War they suffered a heavy unjustified bombardment by the allies.

Piccolo Hotel Terracina_Giardini Ninfa


Natural Monument by the Lazio Region in 2000 in order to protect the historic garden of international fame, the habitat consisting of the Ninfa river, the lake mirror formed by it and the surrounding areas that constitute the natural protective framework of the whole area, in which it is also included the Pantanello Natural Park, inaugurated on December 15th 2009.

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